Spa Gift Bag from Hawaii


This Spa Gift Bag is full of some of our favorites.  The Coral Crush Beach Bag is made of natural jute, hangs comfortably over the shoulders and is nice and sturdy so stands up on its own.  Hanging from the handle is a bundle of beach shells and a charm that says My Heart Is At The Beach, all hanging from leather straps which can also be removed for a key chain.  With this beach bag you will also find an ever popular Maui Beach Sheet, a dry skin brush for exfoliation, a small makeup bag for your cell and lip balm at the beach, Exfolicare loofah soap in one of their wonderful hawaiian scents, Moku Pua’s body spritzer and sugar scrub which all smell amazing, and a Lava stone for exfoliating the tough areas such as your feet and elbows.  This Gift Bag will make any woman very happy!

We have several color schemes to offer such as turquoise, red, teal, purple, greens, pink, etc.  So just shoot us an email and let us know what she likes.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 9 x 24 in


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