Ali’i Gift Basket


This is the perfect gift for a large group coming to the Hawaiian Islands.  There is a little bit of everything in this gift basket.  This metal tin Party Tub will hold several bottles of wine for entertaining and the rest of these popular items will give them the true flavor of the Hawaiian Islands.


This functional yet fun 14″ antique patina party tub is full of the following goodies:

13″ Kau Kau basket to keep the pests off of your food, Whale Tale cutting board, Flour Sack Tea Towel, Sea Salt with a bamboo salt box, a deck of poker quality playing cards, Walk the Beach Sand Coasters, 2 bottles of  Adoboloco Hot sauces, and a silver Sea Turtle bottle opener, a Coral Crush jute beach bag and carrying cooler, a set of 3 batik cloth napkins, bag of 100% Maui Coffee, Filthy Farm Girl lotion, matching soap and lip balm, 2 plastic wine glasses, Exfolicare soap with loofah and lastly a famous Maui Beach Sheet.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 16 in


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